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Charm & Ember

Lich's Embrace

Lich's Embrace

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Surrender to the seductive darkness of Lich's Embrace, where the deep, rich aroma of amber and the woody, comforting scent of driftwood form a mystical bond, illuminated by the unexpected sweetness of black currant and the intoxicating allure of absinthe. This candle embodies the complex beauty of the night, a blend of danger, mystery, and allure, inviting you to explore the depths of the unknown.

Proudly handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax in Phoenix, AZ, our candles promise:

  • 4oz Candle: Up to 20+ hours of mystical ambiance.
  • 8.5oz Candle: Up to 50+ hours of enveloping fragrance.
  • 17oz Candle: Up to 100+ hours of continuous intrigue.

Loria's Journey

In the shadow of the ancient ruins, under the cloak of night, Loria Mooselie's candle flickered against the darkness. The air was filled with the rich, complex scents of mystery and power, a testament to the lich's timeless domain. "Even in the embrace of darkness," she pondered, "there is a strange beauty, a depth of stories untold." Her candle, a beacon in the night, was a bridge between worlds, its flame a gentle yet persistent reminder of the light that persists in the heart of darkness, the sweet amidst the bitter, the life within the embrace of the lich.

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