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Always Summer

Always Summer

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Experience the everlasting glow of summer with our "Always Summer" candle. This tropical blend of tropical fragrance oils whisks you away to sunnier days and joyous gatherings. The exhilarating mix of juicy tangerine and luscious peach offers a burst of sunshine, transporting you to your favorite brunch spot under the open sky.

As the candle burns, it gently unfolds into a base of warm sandalwood and subtle petitgrain, wrapping you in a sun-kissed embrace that soothes and comforts. The playful notes of ripe mango dance through the air, creating a lively atmosphere that celebrates the endless joy of summer days.

Crafted with care in Phoenix, AZ, each candle is made from 100% natural soy wax, ensuring a clean and lasting burn that infuses your space with its sweet, citrusy aroma:

  • 4oz Candle: Enjoy up to 20+ hours of aromatic bliss.
  • 8.5oz Candle: Delight in up to 50+ hours of fragrant warmth.
  • 17oz Candle: Immerse in up to 100+ hours of continuous summer.

Infused with natural essential oils including pine, citronella, and petitgrain, our "Always Summer" candle is more than just a fragrance; it's a year-round celebration of warmth and cheer. Perfect for those who adore tropical scents and the promise of an eternal summer.

Embrace the playful spirit of peach and mango—discover your new favorite fragrance with "Always Summer."

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