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Charm & Ember

Elven Forest

Elven Forest

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Venture into the Elven Forest, where the fresh, crisp aroma of fir needles meets the earthy, damp scent of fallen leaves, creating a harmonious blend that captures the enchanting essence of ancient woods. Whispers of cedarwood and a hint of eucalyptus breathe life into this forest symphony, inviting you to lose yourself in its timeless beauty.

Proudly handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax in Phoenix, AZ, our candles promise:

  • 4oz Candle: Up to 20+ hours of mystical ambiance.
  • 8.5oz Candle: Up to 50+ hours of enveloping fragrance.
  • 17oz Candle: Up to 100+ hours of continuous intrigue.

Loria's Journey

Loria Mooselie tread softly through the ancient woods, her senses alive to the symphony of the forest. With each step, the rich scents of fir and cedar mingled with the earthy dampness of fallen leaves underfoot. "Here, in the heart of the forest," she whispered, "the elves dance under the moon's gentle gaze, their stories interlaced with the very air." Her candle captured this dance, a tangible piece of the forest's soul, preserving its magic for those who sought its wonder.

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